Video Slots

Video slot machines are the latest development of the designs of Charles Fey. He invented the Liberty Bell slot machine in 1895, a revolution in casino games. Its newest version made by the game manufacturers is the video slot machines. Since there are hundreds of various variations, with fifty winning lines by some, this makes way for a higher hit percentage and gives the players an engrossing playing experience.

How to play

Some of you may ask how the video slots are different from the traditional playing devises. For them it may be added that regular slots used in ground-based casinos are no different from Video Online Slots. The only difference being, they make use of the video display and there are five reels. In the traditional three-reel format there are three spinning wheels. Another difference between the traditional gaming format and the video slots is that there are more graphics and many audio and video effects which are absent in the slots with three-wheels.

These graphics give the participants a unique playing experience. Video slots have as much as nine paylines as against the three-reel slots which generally have only one payline. However, the similarity of the video slots with the three-reel slots is that both of them have different combinations of symbols falling on paylines which are activated. This generates a payout arising from a win.

When you have the spin button pressed, every reel is shown spinning. However, what really happens is that the result has already been made. The random number generator independently decides the resulting symbols for every reel and also the stop position. You can see whether you have a win or a loss, when the reels come to a standstill.


Different symbols such as wild symbols, scatter symbols and multipliers are carried by Video online slots. Bonus screens are sometimes offered by some games. Also there may be a gambling feature where the participant can have his total win at stake for the golden opportunity of having his win doubled and what more, even quadrupled.

Guidelines for Playing Video Slots

There are some guidelines which you should follow to have a profitable yet enjoying experience while playing the video slots. The first thing which you should keep in mind is to have a look at the payable and see the winning combination prior to the play. Very often you may have to click to another screen to give a look at the paytable. Yes, the Video-Slots payables are a bit complex, yet don’t worry as though they look complex, in reality the payables are far easier to understand than three-slot reels. Also it is of utmost importance that you understand the difference between the number of coins bet and the coin size.