Slot Types

Slot casino games are widely presented in all land-based and online casinos all over the world. Probably the secret of slots popularity is hidden exactly in great variety of games that are offered in numerous and various types of slot machines. Let us describe the most popular and new slot games, so you would not be confused how to play correctly and hit the desired jackpot.

Classic slots

Classic slots are the oldest slot machines, which are equipped with different quantity of reels and could provide from 1 pay line (in usual three reels’ slot apparatus) to 20 and even more pay lines.

Classic slots could reward lucky gamblers with a jackpot, which size does not usually depend on the value of credits that you buy and therefore, they are appropriate for players who are not very risk-loving or have not huge bankroll.

In order to play classic slots, you need to insert the needful amount of money inside the machine, make a bet and push the ‘Start’ button or pull the lever, which launches the mechanism inside the apparatus and initiates reels spinning.

When the reels stop gamblers need to compare the symbol combination on slots pay lines with those that are listed in pay table in order to make clear whether they win or not. In case there are some matches you could be proud of yourself and either withdraw your winnings or continue to play by making another bet.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots are another kind of slot casino games that are notable for the jackpots of really high value. The sense is that progressive slot machines are connected to some kind of network of several apparatus and the amount of their jackpot increases gradually with the quantity of money inserted in all joined machines. There are some limits to which jackpot value could rise, which are usually fixed by casino owners, and in case some player hits the jackpot then its value is reduced to the initial level.

Bonus slots

Bonus slots comprise different machines with different quantity of reels and pay lines correspondingly, which could provide extra bonuses for gamblers. There are commonly some special symbol combinations, which would reward players with additional rewards or with extra bonus games for free. The common strategy for winning in bonus slot casino games is to bet maximum coins when you get bonus game in order to increase your chances to hit the jackpot.

Video slots

New slot games history is tightly connected to video slots, which were invented approximately in 1975’s.

Walt Fraley is considered to be a father of the first video slots, which were called Fortune Coin. At the very beginning people felt suspicious about virtual slot machines and just in 1978, when International Game Technology (IGT) bought the right to produce video slots and slot machine software, it became clear that gambling future is impossible without high technologies and online video slots.

Video slots are made so they look like usual slot machines with certain quantity of the reels and paylines, their own pay tables and winning combinations with the only difference that they are just pictures and do not exist physically.

The rules for playing video slots are the same as for land-based machines while there have appeared new huge possibilities in slot design, sound effects, symbol combinations and themes of slots decoration.

The main principle of video slots’ performance is also similar to usual slot machines and is determined by Random Number Generator (RNG), which produces constantly series of random numbers and governs the reels (does not matter whether they are virtual or land-based) spinning.

3D slots

3D slots are very similar to video slots but they are displayed in 3D graphic, which makes them even more real.

3D new slot games were developed by Betsoft Gaming and nowadays are presented at Smart Live Casino association.

3D slot games are really fantastic and attract millions of most inveterate gamblers, who could play in 3D such games as House of Fun, Mr. Vegas, SlotFather and Enchanted.

3D slots are special because they use a lot of animated characters, which appear on pay lines and could even interact between themselves. Furthermore, some symbol combinations could provide gamblers with additional videos and clips.