Slot Machines Cheats Game Psychology

Before anything else, you need to know that you must be either a real psycho or a mad genius if you dare to employ slot machines cheats these days. Modern casinos are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and anti-cheating devices. Many years of evolution have made technology progress and reach its current state, making it now impossible to be successful slot machines cheats.

The colorful pasts of incredible cheaters have already been written down in history. Many years ago, these schemers tried to beat the slot machine games using triggers, counterfeit coins and coins on strings.

In the computerized era, all attempts to trick slot machines are futile. Today, casinos remind us of how much of a fortress they are with improved security technologies.

It’s hard to imagine what reasons may compel a person to become slot machines cheats. This is totally considered as breaking the law, with the cheats treated as criminals, simply because slot machine cheating equates to stealing money.

Casino owners know well that inaction is a weapon of mass destruction, which pertains to the destruction of their businesses to be more precise. So each year they introduce more and more counteractions on slot machine cheats, bringing their chances of success to total zero. Here are a few examples:

  • Cheaters use mini-lights to fool the slot machine sensors and acquire some slots money. New technology intro will ban this trick after few weeks
  • Slugging techniques are impossible to do nowadays. Casinos do their work nicely and in proper time
  • Stringed coin devices are eliminated after club cards adoption.

And these examples are only the tip of the iceberg that are known by players and not hidden by casino officials. So what state of mind you should possess to break the law and try slot machine cheats nowadays?

Essential Slot Machines Cheats, Tips

Slot machines are considered to be one of the more popular casino games. These gems make about 80 percent of the casino’s profits. Their popularity has pushed players to devise various methods of cheating. Many methods of slot machines cheats, tips are known since the time of the beginning of the slot history. Here is the list of some ways of slot machines cheats, tips.

Fake Bills

Some counterfeit bills can be used in a cheating method inserting counterfeit money into the bill slot. The slot machine’s validator cannot detect such bills. They will be detected only after the emptying of the slots machines.

Foreign Coins

Some people notice the resemblance of several foreign coins with American currency. They start to use them in playing slot machines.

Coin Imitation

In this method, it is necessary to utilize a special device, one that which can simulate the signals coins make in telling the machine they are already in. This makes it possible to “insert” hundreds of coins. Using this way of slot machines cheats, tips the gambler that he does not need to play through all the counterfeit money. He just needs to cash out in order to turn the counterfeit money into the real deal.


Slugs are pieces of metal with exactly the same form as the legit coins. When they are inserted into the slot, they look similar to the coins with the same magnetic properties and weight. When the currency is counted from the gaming slots, the cheaters can be caught for the illegal use of slugs.


Mini-lights can be also used in cheating by turning them on nearly to the slot’s light sensor in such a way that the slot machine is blocked and can’t notice how many coins were inserted into it. However, this method is not very efficient nowadays, as modern slots have safeguards against this kind of cheating manipulations.