Why are the slot machines so popular? To an outsider’s eye, they may not seem too appealing, since they’re purely luck-based. But visit any casino-themed website, whether it’s dedicated to online or traditional gambling, and you’ll see long lists of people who won huge amount on slots and read thousands of success stories. And that will make anyone wonder, whether there’s more to these deceptively easy-looking games than luck. Here are five basic slot machine strategies you may not have known about. They’re nothing groundbreaking and are fairly easy to go by, but they will change your gambling experience for the better. If you stick by them and play by the rules, your game may enter a whole new turn.

1. Choose machines with smaller jackpots. It’s probably the most popular slots strategy – the 6-figure jackpots often have impossible conditions to hit, but the smaller ones are paid out much more frequently, increasing your chances to grab them. So if you want a better shot, start with a jackpot that has 4 figures or even less.

2. Or choose slots with huge jackpots.Yes, it is a bit of a contradiction, but wait a minute for a proper explanation. This only applies to progressive jackpots, though, because a large part of your bet actually goes towards the prize on these. So if you want a shot at winning big and wagering less, try one of these games.

3. Make good use of the loyalty programs.If you’re offered one, sign up, if you aren’t – ask about it. The perks can accumulate pretty fast, and most of the casinos offer their loyal clients some free spins from time to time (and you get to keep the win!) – and those can help build your slot machine strategy with little to no risk.

4. Keep your head cool. And know when to move on. It’s easy to let emotions take the better of you, but yes, sometimes playing slots is just down to luck, and if that capricious lady has deserted you today, it’s better to put your hands up and walk away. Take a short break (or a long one) and things will turn out for the better – remember, losing is no fun and playing is all about entertainment.

5. Devise a betting pattern. Switching up bets is probably the closest thing to an actual slot machine strategy that can help you become a calmer and more thoughtful gambler. Start with a lowest bet possible, and then increase and decrease it depending on whether you’re winning or losing. It might not exactly help you win, but it certainly will help you manage your finances better and never end up with a zero balance.

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