Classes For Dixie

A drive to have burlesque classes taught globally in August with proceeds being gifted to Dixie! Instructors may create a class for the drive, or give proceeds from a class already scheduled.

AUGUST 3, 2013

We are sorry to share the news of Dixie's passing. She left us on August 3, 2013.

With the passing of Dixie Evans on August 3rd, 2013, Dixie Evans Week will now become a week of honoring the memory and celebrating the life of one of our most cherished legends, Dixie Evans. All funds raised during Dixie Evans Week through online funding, live shows and classes will be used to cover the existing costs of outstanding medical bills and preparations for Dixie's final accommodation. Please be patient with us while we re-evaluate our new funding goal; updates will be posted on as well as on her You Caring site ( We thank you for your continued support, and we know that Dixie will be with us if not in body in spirit as we celebrate her life.

If you have thoughts, suggestions, or questions, please email them to [email protected].

Our condolences to Dixie's fans, friends, and family. Dixie changed the lives of everyone in our burlesque community. We will miss her terribly.


  • Tempest Storm: Dixie Evans was 'one of a kind' in the world of burlesque

    August 5, 2013


    Tempest Storm says it was rare for Dixie Evans and her to appear in a theater at the same time. It happened once, exactly. “We were in the same show once at the Star Theater (in Portland, Ore.) a very long time ago. It was in the ’50s. But we never did appear on the same bill. I’d come in one week, and she’d come the next, or vice versa,” Storm said during a phone conversation Sunday night. “They knew we were going to sell out the room individually.


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