Dixie Evans Week

August 26th - September 1st, 2013


We want to thank the community for coming together to donate their time, love, energy and performances to Dixie Evans. As you know, we lost our beloved Dixie Evans on August 3rd, 2013. Because of all of you, Dixie Evans Week was a successful week in August 2013 honoring the memory and celebrating the life of one of our most cherished legends of burlesque. Over 30 live performances and almost 100 classes were conducted internationally during Dixie Evans Week. All the funds you all helped raise through online funding, live shows and classes have been used to cover the existing costs of outstanding medical bills and her memorial celebration, with the remainder going towards Dixie's final accommodations at the Westwood Cemetery.

We have made great progress in our efforts to provide Dixie with an everlasting resting place. We have ALMOST reached our goal of $40,000 to cover all our expenses. We are closer than ever and are only a few small steps away from securing a case in the Westwood Cemetery Room of Prayer. This case will be accessible to fans, family and friends who wish to pay their respects. It features beautiful natural light and is very close to Marilyn Monroe's grave. While our funding goal is close, we are just a little over $5,000 away from being able to purchase the case. We only have until January 31st to raise these funds and hope that you will consider making an individual contribution to honor this great woman.

We thank you for your continued support, and we know that Dixie will be with us in spirit as we continue to celebrate her life.

With love,

The Dixie Evans Week Committee

If you have thoughts, suggestions, or questions, please email them to info@dixieevansweek.com.

Our condolences to Dixie's fans, friends, and family. Dixie changed the lives of everyone in our burlesque community. We will miss her terribly.

To donate to Dixie's YouCaring Fund click here.


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