Casino gambling has always been shrouded with a thick cloak of myths and legends, especially those that consider winning jackpots and beating the dealer. Slot machines are not the exception – there are countless books written on the secrets, strategies and how to win. And since online slots work mostly just like their land-based predecessors, most myths have made their way to online gaming communities. So let’s learn to tell the difference between a fib and a real trick on how to beat the slot machine.

Embrace the randomness

First off, let’s start with stating that every spin on every machine is totally random, period. Every developer uses a random number generator and those are regularly tested by multiple organizations, both government-based and independent. There is no real way of knowing when a big win strikes – however, real win strategies that will help you walk away with a bit of extra cash, if not the jackpot, do exist. So let’s just lay the myth about a “hot seat” to bed – it doesn’t matter when the jackpot has hit last and it doesn’t matter if the machine has been played right before you. These factors don’t affect your odds at all.

Do your reading

Most slot machines tips start with “look up the payout percentage” – and there really is no better tip. If the winning percentage stated by the developer (and again, they cannot lie since this is determined by extensive testing) is less than 98%, don’t bother. Unless it’s a free machine and you really enjoy playing it, don’t waste your money on a low-paying slot. Also, spend some time researching the bonuses. Most successful win strategies involve tailoring your betting to the bonuses and their rules, since most of the time the only way to beat the slot machine is to score a big win during the extra round.

While those two may be the most important, here are some other slot machine tips and tricks for your consideration:

Choose the machine with the smallest jackpot. While that may sound silly, those slots actually pay out more often than the once with the huge multimillion prizes. If you really want the chance of becoming a millionaire in one spin, don’t bet big or get ready to lose a couple of bucks.

Only play in a casino that pays out often. Not all establishments understand that you can only keep a player happy if you let him win from time to time, so it’s best to avoid those who don’t seem to get it.

Limit your time on the high limit progressive machines. Just do a couple of spins per day, no more. If you seem to be losing, just walk away and try another day.

Take advantage of the bonuses. Only the well-informed player can have the most fun and the biggest profit. Research the promos at your casino, the features included by the developer, everything. They’re there to make you more interested – might as well use them then.

Spend some time on the free demo version to learn all the nooks and crannies of a specific game. Modern slots are so sophisticated that it really isn’t easy to see all of their features right off the bat. And it’s best to go through trial and error when no real money is involved, right?

So that’s pretty much it as far as helpful slot machines tips go. One final word of warning – don’t fall prey to the scammers that claim to sell “working systems” on how to beat slot machines. There’s no real pattern to how the games pay out and there can never be, since every spin is completely and absolutely random. So just think for yourself, do your reading and you will be able to win and have amazing fun in the process! See you on the casino floors!


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